Want to Become a Doula?

We’re glad you are interested in becoming a Birthways doula!

Since 1997, Birthways has been nurturing our doula community.  Birthways is the Chicago area’s largest and oldest community of doulas, providing labor support and postpartum doula services.   We currently work with more than 30 providers meeting the needs of approximately 250-300 families per year.  We have found that by working collectively we are able to solve some of the challenges of working as doulas.  Some of the benefits that come from being a staff member at Birthways include:

Training and ongoing education, including:

  • Initial core training.
  • Continuing education. 
  • Advanced breastfeeding education. 

Labor support opportunities

Family-friendly work environment


Administrative support, including:

  • Marketing and client support
  • 24/7 support for you and your clients

Please contact us at doula@birthwaysinc.com to learn more about the hiring process!



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[Our apprentice doula] was amazing. I really don't think we could have done this without her. She was so helpful in instructing me on positioning and breathing. She was calm, warm and encouraging.  She helped me to have the labor I wanted. When I think about [our son's] birth, I feel proud, happy and amazed by what I was able to do. [Our doula] made this awesome experience possible for us and I will recommend her to friends and strangers in a heartbeat.

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